Wright, U.S. Seaplane Tender

Photograph of U.S.S. Wright

National Archives #80-G-463531


Tonnage 8391 tons standard displacement
12,142 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 448' by 58' by 23'4"
136.55m by 17.68m by 7.11m
Maximum speed       15 knots
Complement 288
Armament 25"/38 dual-purpose guns
2 3"/50 AA guns
2 machine guns
1-shaft geared turbine (3000 shp)
six Babcock and Wilcox boilers
1060 tons

The Wright was built in 1920 and almost immediately converted by the Navy for use as an airship tender (AZ.) By the start of the Pacific War, rigid airships were much less important in Navy planning and the ship had been converted to a seaplane tender (AV.) When war broke out, she was northwest of Kauai en route to Midway.


DANFS (accessed 2012-3-9)

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