YU-1001 Class, Japanese Supply Submarines


Tonnage 392 tons surfaced
Dimensions 160'8" by 16'6" by 8'6"
49.0m by 5.0m by 2.6m
Maximum speed       12 knots surfaced
5 knots submerged
Armament 1 37mm antiaircraft gun
2-shaft diesel (700 hp) or electric
Range 1500 nautical miles (2800 km) at 8 knots surfaced
Cargo 40 tons

The YU-1001 class (transport craft, yuso-tei) were a larger version of the YU-1 but gained little more than a modest increase in speed. About 14 were completed beginning in November 1944 of which only four survived the war.

An unknown number of very similar YU-2001 class units were laid down in 1945, but it is not known if any were completed.


Carpenter and Polmar (1986)

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