Located at the southern tip of Formosa (120.723E 22.046N), Hengchun was an important airfield for the short-ranged Japanese Army fighters in their assault on the Philippine Islands. At the time war broke out, 50 Air Regiment (36 Ki-27 Nate) was based at the airfield.

Hengchun has a definite monsoon season, with a dry winter and spring followed by torrential rains in summer and autumn. It is also subject to fog.

Rail connections


Climate Information:

Elevation 77'

Temperatures: Jan 75/64, Apr 84/71, Jul 88/77, Oct 84/73, record 95/49

Rainfall: Jan 4/0.9, Apr 3/2.0, Jul 18/17.3, Oct 5/6.2 == 85.1" per annum

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