Kossol Roads

Kossol Roads (134.6E 7.8N) is a large reef-enclosed anchorage at the north end of the Palau chain. Both sides used it as a fleet anchorage during the war. 

The Japanese initially controlled the anchorage, which was garrisoned by 3 Base Force at the time war broke out. Air cover was provided by the airfield on nearby Peleliu. The anchorage was seized by the Americans in September 1944, and minesweepers completed sweeping the anchorage by 24 September. Thereafter the anchorage became an important station for service forces and waypoint for convoys.


"History of Convoy and Routing" (1945-5-8; accessed 2012-11-16) (accessed 2007-3-8)
Morison (1958)

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