U.S. 37mm M4 gun


Projectile Type
AP or HE
Velocity 1824 feet per second (AP)
556 m/s (AP)
Projectile Weight      
1.66 lbs (AP)
0.753 kg (AP)
Rate of fire     
140 rounds per minute
212 lbs
96 kg
Gun power

The 37mm M4 was used on the P-39 Airacobra. It used a long recoil action and was fed from an endless belt of 15 or 30 rounds. Its low muzzle velocity reduced its armor penetration and accuracy, and it had a reputation among U.S. pilots for a tendency to jam. However, the P-39 armed with the M4 was popular with Soviet pilots engaged in ground support missions.

The weapon was also employed, first as a field modification and later as a standard weapon, on U.S. PT boats.


Campbell (1985)

Williams and Gustin (2003)

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