Boilerplate Article License Agreement

If you wish to submit an article to The Pacific War Online Encyclopedia, you must indicate with your submission that you accept the following agreement:
  1. You retain copyright on the text of your article.
  2. You grant me a nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce your article as part of the Pacific War Online Encyclopedia.
  3. You grant me permission to reformat the appearance of your article (fonts, surrounding frames, etc.) as needed to keep it consistent with the other articles Anthe Encyclopedia. You likewise grant me permission to insert hyperlinks to other articles in the encyclopedia. I agree that I will not modify the substance of the text itself without your consent.
  4. I agree to include in your formatted article a footer line that names you as the copyright owner of the article; that indicates I have used it with permission; and that provides a hyperlink to your home page or your email address, at your option. (Please specify the hyperlink at the time you accept this agreement.) I reserve the right to reject hyperlinks to content I find inappropriate.
  5. I will make a reasonable effort to check your article for appropriateness before accepting it, but you remain solely responsible for its contents. Your libels and your plagiarisms are your own.

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