Bogue Class, U.S. Escort Carriers

Photograph of Bogue-class
                escort carrier

U.S. Navy

Schematic diagram of Bogue class escort carrier

ONI 222


Tonnage 7800 tons standard displacement
15,700 tons displacement fully loaded
Dimensions 495'8" by 69'6" by 26'
151.08m by 21.03m by 7.92m
Maximum speed       17 knots
Complement 1250
Aircraft 439'11" (134.09 m) flight deck
1 catapult
2 6.5 ton elevators
28 aircraft
Armament 2 5"/38 dual-purpose guns
10x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
1-shaft Allis-Chalmers geared turbine (8500 shp)
2 Foster-Wheeler boilers
Bunkerage 3290 tons fuel oil
186,286 gallons (705,170 liters) aviation gasoline
26,000 nautical miles (48,000 km) at 15 knots
SC search radar
SG surface search radar
By 1945: SC radar upgraded to SK radar. AA armament increased to 28 20mm guns and 10x2 40mm Bofors AA guns

The Bogues were completed from 1942 on and were a mass-production implementation of the Long Island concept, with lessons learned. Based on Maritime Commission standard C3 hulls, and assigned standard type C3-S-A2, their construction took as little as 11 months, from keel laying to completion. They had an island and something like a real hangar, impressive cruising range, and surprisingly good sea keeping.

The typical air group was 16 fighters and 12 torpedo bombers. The ships sometimes functioned as aircraft transports, and in this role they could stow as many as 100 aircraft, a third in the hangar and the remainder on deck.

All were completed in Puget Sound shipyards, but some were sent to the Atlantic immediately after shaking down. We list only those units seeing actual service in the Pacific.

Units in the Pacific

Copahee completed 1942-6-15 (Bremerton)
Nassau completed 1942-8-20 (Bremerton)
Altamaha completed 1942-9-15 (Bremerton)
Barnes completed 1942-10-10 (Tacoma)
Breton completed 1943-4-12 (Tacoma)
Prince William       completed 1943-4-29 (Bremerton)
Core arrived 1945-6-20
Bogue arrived 1945-6-28

Photo Gallery

Bogue with elevator down

U.S. Navy

Bow view of Bogue-class escort carrier
U.S. Navy
Side view of Bogue-class escort carrier
U.S. Navy
Side view of Bogue-class escort carrier
U.S. Navy
Aft view of Bogue-class escort carrier
Above view of Bogue-class escort carrier
U.S. Navy
Bogue-class escort carrier acting as aircraft
U.S. Navy


Chesneau (1992)


Friedman (1983)

Worth (2001)

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