Photograph of ship being launched at Tacoma

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 63496

Tacoma (122.416W 47.269N) is located on the southeast coast of Puget Sound. It is an important port and had a major new Maritime Commission shipyard, Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corporation, with eight ways for construction of standard cargo ships by the end of 1940. Seattle-Tacoma was converted to Naval construction in March 1942, continued to expand, and produced a number of destroyers, frigates and escort carriers. Camp Murray, located close to the port, was an important mustering point for troops shipping out to the Pacific. By the end of the war, a Continental Advanced Base Depot and naval barracks had been established here.

Rail connections

"Building the Navy's Bases" (1947; accessed 2011-7-7)

Lane (1951)

McChord Field


"U.S. Naval Activities By State" (1945; accessed 2011-7-7)

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