Seattle (122.339W 47.602N) is a major port on Puget Sound.  It was also the location of the massive Boeing aircraft factory complex and the headquarters of 13 Naval District. Bethlehem Steel had a small mill here. The naval station was equipped with a handful of 3-5 PBY Catalinas. The population in 1941 was 368,000 persons.

Lake Washington Shipyards, in the suburb of Houghton, specialized in smaller warships such as small seaplane tenders

The port became the Port of Embarkation for men and supplies to Alaska.

Boeing-Renton. This complex was built specifically to produce the B-29 Superfortress. Production average 83 airframes a month from July 1944 to the end of the war.

Photograph of Seattle factory camoflauged as suburb

U.S. Army. Via

Boeing-Seattle.  In the early days of the war, this complex was considered a prime target for any Japanese carrier raid on the West Coast (none ever took place) and was camouflaged as a suburban neighborhood, as shown in the photograph above. The production schedule of the complex was approximately as follows:

Aircraft Type Average Airframes Per Month Starting Month Ending Month
B-29 Superfortress    
7-1944 6-1945
B-17 Flying Fortress

Rail connections

Fort Lawton



Powerline connections


Climate Information:

Elevation 125'

Temperatures: Jan 45/36, Apr 58/43, Jul 72/54, Oct 59/47, record 100/3

Rainfall: Jan 18/4.8, Apr 13/2.3, Jul 4/0.6, Oct 13/2.9 == 33.4" per annum

References (accessed 2014-6-8)
Huston (1966)

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