Japanese 13mm/76 Antiaircraft Gun

Photograph of Japanese 13m/76 machine gun on tripod Fair use may apply.


Ammunition type
Fixed shell
Ball, AP, tracer, and WP and HE incendiary rounds were available

Weight of projectile

0.11 lbs
50 g


2641 feet per second
805 meters per second

Maximum elevation     

85 degrees


6560 yards
2000 meters


13,060 feet
3980 meters

Rate of fire   

460 rounds per minute

This was a Hotchkiss design that proved unwieldy (due to its heavy naval mountings, which weighed at least 249 pounds or 113 kg) and ineffective in combat.  Like its closest Allied counterpart, the Browning 0.50 machine gun, its round was much too light to make it an effective naval light antiaircraft weapon. It was air-cooled, with distinctive cooling fins around the chamber, and it used a gas-operated action. The gas cylinder connections made barrel changes difficult and slow. The magazine held 30 rounds, reducing the effective rate of fire to about 250 rounds per minute. The maximum effective range was much less than the nominal range, about 1500 meters or 4900 feet.

It also saw limited use as a land weapon, with some 1494 available to the Japanese Army towards the end of the war.


Campbell (1985)

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