Kuomintang 6 War Area

The Kuomintang 6th War Area took in the upper Yangtze River watershed, including eastern Szechuan, southern Hupei, and northern Hunan. Readily available English languages sources are unclear on whether this headquarters was active in December 1941; it may have been part of 5 War Area at that time.

Kuomintang order of battle, 7 December 1941:

6 War Area (Ch'en Ch'eng; at Enshih [Enshi: 109.490E 30.257N])      

8 Army (Li Mi? at Kung-an? [Gong'an: 112.227E 30.055N])

53 Army (Chou Fu-chen)
116 and 130 Divisions


Hsu and Chang (1971)

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