Kuomintang 8 War Area

The Kuomintang 8th War Area took in Kansu, Ninghsia, Tsinghai, and west Suiyuan. Lanchow is a guess for the headquarters. Dorn has Chiang himself in command, with a strength of 5 divisions and 5 cavalry divisions.  None of the troops were well-trained or particularly loyal.

Kuomintang order of battle, 7 December 1941:

8 War Area (Chu Shao-liang; at Lanchow?)
  17 Army Group (Ma Hung-pin)

  81 Army (Ma Hung-pin)

82 Army (Ma Pu-fang?)

5 Cavalry Army (Ma Pu-ching)

7 Cavalry Army (Men Ping-yueh?)


Dorn (1974)

Sih (1977)

Wilson (1982)

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