Rockhampton (150.51E 23.38S) is a city on the northeast coast of Australia, near the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, and the capital of North Queensland. The city was originally established at the limit of navigability of  the Fitzroy River, about 25 miles (40 km) from the river mouth. Rumors of gold in the area led to rapid growth from 1860 on, and Port Alma was developed as a deep water port at the mouth of the Fitzroy with rail connections to the city. The population was in excess of 30,000 persons by 1941.

When war broke out in the Pacific, 29 Brigade garrisoned the area.

The U.S. Army later established Camp Rockhampton in the area, with facilities for 70,000 troops. Among the units that passed through Camp Rockhampton were 24, 32 and 41 Divisions.

Rail connections




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