Taichu (Taichung, 120.670E 24.144N) was the location of a Japanese port and airfield on Formosa.

When war broke out, the airfield based 11 Air Transport Squadron with 8 Ki-57 Topsy and Kanoya Air Group with 36 G4M Betty. The port was the home port of Seaplane Tender Division 11. A prisoner of war camp was constructed here in the summer of 1942, and a crash course for kamikaze pilots was instituted at the airfield in November 1944.

The city was bombed by 36 aircraft from 5 Air Force on 2 March 1945, and the city continued to be raided several times a month for the remainder of the war. Poor weather interfered with many of these raids and Taichu was one of the less damaged targets on Formosa when the war finally ended.

Railroad connections



Powerline connections



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