Chiai (Chiayi; 120.44E 23.48N) was the site of an airfield complex on Formosa established to support the 1941-42 campaign against the Philippines to the south. Fields included Kagi, Chiatung, and Chauchou.

The base complex was a mustering point for 1 Parachute Regiment. 7 Air Regiment was headquartered here at the time war broke out, with 21 Ki-59 Theresa and 12 Ki-57 Topsy transport aircraft. 4 Air Brigade was also based here with 27 Ki-48 Lily, 9 C5M2, 2 Ki-46 Dinah, 18 Ki-21 Sally, and 31 Ki-30 Ann, as well as 1001 Air Group with 28 L3Y Tina and 1 and 3 Yokosuka SNLF.

Rail connections



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