Amami Oshima

Digital relief map of Amami Oshima

Amami Oshima (129.4843E 28.371N) boasts the finest anchorage in the Ryukyu Islands, which was protected by a heavy artillery fortress regiment. The island figured in American pre-war contingency planning.  It was from here that the U.S. Navy planned to enforce a crippling blockade on Japan in the event of war. However, the Allies chose to invade Okinawa instead, with its excellent airfields.

Lamon Bay Force (transporting elements of 16 Division) was assembled here when war broke out.

Small quantities of low-grade manganese ore were extracted at the Yamato mine.

The island itself is relatively undeveloped even today, with about 95% of the land area forestedNaze is the only city of any significance on the island.  Its coral reefs are today considered excellent diving sites. The island is home to the deadly habu snake.


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