Japanese 5"/40 Type 89 Dual-Purpose Gun

Photograph of Japanese 5"/40 guns

Naval Historical Center #NH 73091. Via


Bore diameter
Ammunition type
Fixed nose-fused and incendiary shrapnel rounds.
Illuminating and antisubmarine rounds were also provided.

Weight of round

50.7 lbs
23 kg


2379 feet per second
725 meters per second

Maximum elevation   

90 degrees


16,075 yards
14,700 meters


30,970 feet
9440 meters

Firing cycle

7.5 seconds

Unlike the 5"/50, the 5"/40 had genuine antiaircraft capability and was the standard heavy antiaircraft gun in the Japanese Navy. Design work began in 1928 at Kure and Hiroshima Navy Arsenals under Chiyokichi Hada and the first example was test fired in 1931. The gun entered service on 6 February 1932.

The chief limitation of the gun itself was its low muzzle velocity, but it might nevertheless have proven effective but for its poor director, the Type 94 kosha sochi. This director relied too heavily on manual inputs and was unable to develop solutions for fast-moving targets nearly quickly enough.

Photo Gallery

Starboard gun gallery on Shokaku


Campbell (1985)

Skwiot (2015)

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