Photographs of submarines at Maizuru

U.S. Army. Via

Maizuru (135.402E 35.474N), located on the west coast of Honshu on the Sea of Japan, was one of the four largest naval construction yards in Japan, specializing in destroyer construction. Submarines were also produced. It was also a base for the Special Naval Landing Forces, was the headquarters of 4 Naval District, and was protected by a full regiment of heavy coastal guns and a naval air station. There were 6 E7K Alfs based here. The Imperial Navy’s engineering academy was located here.

The base was heavily raided by carrier aircraft on 29-30 July 1945, during a period of poor weather over the rest of Honshu. Three warships and twelve merchant ships were sunk and many others damaged.

Rail connections




Evans and Peattie (1997)

Madej (1981)

Morison (1959)

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