Medford (122.873W 42.372N) is the capital of Jackson County in southwest Oregon and a timber processing and communications center. The city was founded in 1884 at the site of the middle fork of Bear Creek.

Camp White was located north of town (122.857W 42.436N) and was a division camp. With an area of 49,638 acres (20,088 hectares) it had barracks for 1884 officers and 35,557 men by June 1944. Medford Army Airfield was established nearby.

American engineer units arriving at Camp White

353 Engineer General Services Regiment     
Arrived 1942-8-15
50 Engineer Combat Regiment
Arrived 1942-9-1

1136 Engineer Combat Group     
Arrived 1943-5-1

In 1945 Camp White was taken over by the Navy to serve as a special hospital.

Rail connections

Grants Pass


"Building the Navy's Bases in World War II" (1947; accessed 2012-5-26)

Craven and Cate (1955; accessed 2012-5-26))

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