Photograph of congestion at Aoti Quay, Wellington, as 1 Marine Division reloads for Guadalcanal

U.S. Marine Corps. Via

Wellington (174.78E 41.285S) was founded in 1840 and named after the victor of the Battle of Waterloo. It became the capital of New Zealand in 1865. The city is notable for its windy climate, wind velocity at the coast reaching a record 168 miles per hour in a 1968 storm.

Wellington is the second most important port in New Zealand, after Auckland. Further south and with inferior facilities to the latter in 1941, it nevertheless was selected as the debarkation port for 1 Marine Division in June 1942. The division did not remain there long, however, as it was committed to the invasion of Guadalcanal in August.

The port was headquarters of Central Military District and was protected by a battalion of militia on 7 December 1941.

Rail connections


Climate Information:

Elevation 415'

Temperatures: Jan 69/56, Apr 63/51, Jul 53/42, Oct 60/48, record 85/29

Rainfall: Jan 10/3.2, Apr 13/3.8, Jul 18/5.4, Oct 14/4.0 == 47.4" per annum


Hough, Ludwig, and Shaw (accessed 2014-3-8)

Pearce and Smith (1990)

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