YU-1 Class, Japanese Supply Submarines

Photograph of YU-1 class submarines

U.S. Navy. Via Carpenter and Polmar (1986)


Tonnage 273 tons surfaced
370 tons submerged
Dimensions 134' by 13'6" by 9'
40.85m by 4.1m by 2.8m
Maximum speed       10 knots surfaced
5 knots submerged
Dive To 350 feet
To 110 meters
Complement 13
Armament 1 37mm antiaircraft gun
1-shaft diesel (400 hp) or electric (75 hp)
Range 1500 nautical miles (2800 km) at 8 knots surfaced
Cargo 40 tons

The YU-1 class (transport craft, yuso-tei) were small supply submarines constructed by the Army without any consultation with the Navy. About 12 units of this class were completed (beginning in October 1943) of which two survived the war.


Carpenter and Polmar (1986)

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