Cairns (145.733E 16.898S) is a port on the east coast of the Cape York Peninsula of northern Australia. The climate is tropical and much of the local coastline was mangrove swamp.

There was a small airfield here when war broke out, and the town was garrisoned by 51 Battalion reinforced with a battalion of artillery and a company of engineers.

The port later became a PT boat and escort base and an amphibious training center. The harbor required constant dredging to maintain a depth of 22' (6.7m). By the start of 1944, the port had a 40-ton floating drydock, a 600' (180m) timber wharf, and four 5,000-gallon (190,000 liter) water tanks.

Rail connections



"Building the Navy's Bases in World War II" (1947; accessed 2012-12-31)

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