Itsukushima, Japanese Minelayer

Photograph of IJN Itsukushima, netlayer/minesweeeper

Naval Historical Center #NH 98366


Tonnage 1970 tons standard
Dimensions 341'2" by 38'10" by 10'7"
103.99m by 11.84m by 3.23m
Maximum speed       17 knots
Complement 235
Armament 3 5.5"/50 guns
2 3"/40 guns
300 mines
2 depth charge throwers
3-shaft MAN diesel (3000 hp)
Bunkerage 295 tons diesel oil
Range 5000 nautical miles (9300km) at 10 knots

The Ikutsushima was the first large Japanese diesel-powered ship. She was with Minelayer Squadron 17 north of Singapore when war broke out, and was torpedoed on 7 October 1944 in the Java Sea by Zwaardvisch.

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