Port Swettenham

Port Swettenham (Pelabuhan Klang; 101.36E 3.02N) was the port of Kuala Lumpur on the south coast of Malaya. It was named after a capable but enormously egotistical colonial administrator of the late 19th century. The port handled 550,000 tons of cargo in 1940.

The town was abandoned to the Japanese on 10 January 1942.

The British developed a plan for Operation ZIPPER, to recapture Port Swettenham and Port Dickson by amphibious assault prior to attacking Singapore. Although the Japanese had announced their surrender on 15 August 1945, the operation went forward on 9 September 1945 anyway. It was as well that there was no opposition; the landings were a complete fiasco.

Rail connections

Kuala Lumpur

Allen (1984)

Stripp (1989; accessed 2011-11-26)

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