Photograph of gun battery bases at the Presidio of San Francisco

National Park Service

The Presidio of San Francisco (122.46W 37.801N) was the main headquarters of the U.S. Army on the West Coast in 1941.  It is located north of San Francisco on the cliffs on the south side of the Golden Gate, the entrance to San Francisco Bay.  The Spanish originally built a post here that was taken over by the Mexicans and then the Americans. 

The site included a historically important Army airfield (Crissy Field), which, when it was built in 1921, was considered a first-rate facility.  However, the site suffered from winds and fog, and an airfield was built at a more suitable site north of the Golden Gate (Hamilton Field).  Thereafter Crissy Field was used mainly for liaison flights.

The limited area of the Presidio (1480 acres) meant that few troops could be quartered here.  A much larger base was built at Fort Ord, south of the Bay Area. However, the Presidio was still the headquarters of 4 Army when war broke out.

Fort Winfield Scott guarded the Golden Gate. It was manned by 6 Coast Artillery Regiment, a Type C harbor defense unit.

Rail connections

San Francisco

Road connections

Fort Baker


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