Type 13 Air Search Radar

Photograph of Type 13 and Type 22 radars on destroyer

Wikimedia Commons


Wavelength 200 cm
Pulse Width 10 microsecond
Pulse Repetition Frequency     
500 Hz
Power 10 kW
Range 30-60 nautical miles (50-100 km) aircraft
Transmitter: vertical dipole
Receiver: Yagi mattress
240 lb
110 kg
Production: About 1000 sets were produced from 1943-3

Originally intended as a portable ground-based radar, the Japanese Type 13 radar was installed on ships and submarines as well as shore. It was also known as the Mark 1 Model 3 Type 3.

Sources conflict, but there are some indications that some ship and shore installations may have used two dipole arrays in place of the vertical dipole and Yagi mattress antennas.

References (accessed 2007-10-29)

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