Fort William Henry Harrison

Photograph of Fort William Henry Harrison in 1943

U.S. Army. Via

Fort William Henry Harrison (112.10W 46.62N) was located near Helena, Montana, and was selected as the training center for the Special Service Force. Its extreme climate and mountainous terrain, as well as its location close to the U.S.-Canadian border, made it an ideal training ground for this unit, which was originally raised to conduct light infantry operations against heavy water production facilities in Norway.

The fort was established in May 1892 as part of a consolidation of smaller Army outposts. It was initially named after President Benjamin Harrison, but it was discovered that a Fort Benjamin Harrison already existed, and the name was changed to William Henry Harrison in 1906. William Henry Harrison was a soldier, governor, and Congressman who served just one month as President of the United States (the ninth, and the last born before the Declaration of Independence) before succumbing to pneumonia.

The fort had an area of 11,737 acres (4750 hectares) and had barracks sufficient for 122 officers and 2892 enlisted men. However, it was declared inactive on 28 February 1944, though it saw later use by the Montana National Guard.

Rail connections



Stanton (2006) (accessed 2009-5-25)

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