Kuomintang 3 War Area

The 3rd War Area took in most of the east coast of China south of the Yangtze River and north of Swatow, including Fukien, Chekiang, Kiangsu, northeastern Kiangsi, and southeastern Anhwei. 

Hayashi places 9 and 88 Army in east Chekiang.

Kuomintang order of battle, 7 December 1941:

3 War Area (Ku Chu-tung; at Chienshan (Yanshan: 117.702E 28.315N)     

8 Army Group (Sun Chu)
May have been directly subordinate to Chiang Kai-shek in December 1941
  10 Army Group (Liu Chien-hsu)

49 Army (near Hsia-kou (Xiakouzhen): 118.540E 28.469N) 26, 105, and 5 Reserve Divisions

23 Army Group (Tang Shih-tsun; at Chingtechen (Jingdezhen): 117.175E 29.303E)     

21 Army (Chen Wan-jen) 146, 147, and 148 Divisions

50 Army (Kuo Hsun-chi) 144, 145, and New 7 Divisions

25 Army Group (Chen Yi? at Yunho (Yunhe): 119.580E 28.111N)

88 Army (Ho Shao-chou)
New 21, New 30, and 32 Provisional Divisions

100 Army (Shih Chung-cheng)
63 and 75 Divisions

32 Army Group (Shangkuan Yun-hsiang; at Hsuan-cheng (Xuancheng): 118.761E 30.939N)     

25 Army (Wang Ching-chiu; at Ta-tung (Datongzhen): 119.118E 29.307N)
40, 55, and 108 Divisions

28 Army (Tao Kuang)
62 and 192 Divisions

26 Army (Ting Chih-pan; at Fang-tsun Chen (Fangcunzhen): 118.622E 29.051N)
32, 41, 44, and 46 Divisions

86 Army (Mo Yu-shuo; at Ch'u-chow (Quzhou): 118.872E 28.929N)
16, 79, and 67 Divisions


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Sih (1977)

Wilson (1982)

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