Minotaur Class, British Light Cruisers

Photograph of Minotaur-class light cruiser

Imperial War Museum #8308-29. Via Wikimedia Commons


Tonnage 8800 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 555'6" by 63' by 20'8"
169.31m by 19.2m by 60.30m
Maximum speed       32.25 knots
Complement 855
Armament 3x3 6"/50 guns
5x2 4"/45 dual-purpose guns
4x4 2pdr guns
16x2, 6x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
2x3 21" (53cm) torpedo tubes
Protection3.4" (83mm) machinery belt
3.5" (89mm) magazine belt
2" (51mm) bulkheads tapering to 1.5" (38mm)
2" (51mm) deck
1.25" (32mm) crown over steering with 1.5" (38mm) slopes
1" (25mm) barbettes
2"/1" (51mm/25mm) turret face/side
4-shaft Parsons geared turbine (72500 shp)
4 Admiralty 3-drum boilers
Bunkerage 1700 tons fuel oil
Range 6520 nautical miles (12,000km) at 13 knots
Type 273 radar
Type 284 radar
Summer 1945: Replaced 8x2, 6x1 20mm guns with 13 40mm Bofors AA guns.

The Minotaurs were essentially a repeat of the Fiji class with modifications based on wartime experience. The beam was increased to maintain stability with a greater equipment load, but the ships carried no aircraft.

Units in the Pacific:

Arrived <1944-11


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