Bagley Class, U.S. Destroyers

                of Bagley-class destroyer

U.S. Navy #NH 50767

Schematic diagram of Bagley class destroyer

ONI 222


Tonnage 1646 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 341'4" by 35'6" by 12'10"
104.04m by 10.82m by 3.91m
Maximum speed       36.8 knots
Complement 158
Armament 4 5"/38 dual-purpose guns
4x4 21" torpedo tubes
4 machine guns
2 depth charge tracks (14 depth charges)
2-shaft General Electric geared turbine (49,000 shp)
4 Babcock & Wilcox boilers
Bunkerage 504 tons fuel oil
Range 6500 nautical miles (12,000km) at 12 knots
QC sonar
1942: Machine guns replaced with 6 20mm Oerlikon AA guns. Fire control radar added, most likely FC at first. Four depth charge throwers added and depth charge loadout increased to 44.
1943: 1x2 40mm Bofors AA guns added.

The Bagleys were ordered in 1935. They were very similar to the Gridleys but were completed in Navy yards in 1937.  The commercial shipyards responsible for the Gridleys apparently cut many corners in construction which the Navy did not, with the result that the Bagleys were both structurally stronger and more stable. This allowed them to receive more light antiaircraft armament as the war progressed. However, they also reverted to the slightly less powerful machinery used in the Mahans, making them somewhat slower.

Units in the Pacific:

Bagley Pearl Harbor
Blue Pearl Harbor Torpedoed 1942-8-22 by Kawakaze off Guadalcanal and scuttled the next day
Helm Pearl Harbor
Henley Pearl Harbor Torpedoed 1943-10-3 off Finschhafen
Jarvis Pearl Harbor       Sunk by aircraft 1942-8-9 off Guadalcanal
Patterson Pearl Harbor
Ralph Talbot       Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor



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