Gilliam Class, U.S. Attack Transports

Photograph of Gilliam-class attack transport

Naval Historical Center #NH 98709

Schematic diagram of Gilliam class attack transport

ONI 222


Tonnage 4247 tons light
7080 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 426' by 58' by 15'6"
129.8m by 17.7m by 4.7m
Maximum speed       16.5 knots
Complement 283
Armament 1 5"/38 dual-purpose gun
2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
10 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
2-shaft Westinghouse turboelectric (6000 shp)
2 Babock and Wilcox boilers
1400 tons
Passengers 849
Cargo 2600 tons
85,000 cubic feet (2410 cubic meters)

The Gilliams were completed from 1944 to 1945. They were produced by the Wilmington yard of Consolidated Steel Corporation under contract to the Maritime Commission as standard type S4-SE2-BD1 ships. Intended from the start for military use, they were small, had shallow drafts, and were designed to carry large amounts of combat equipment along with their passengers. Landing craft complement was 13 LCVP, 1 LCPL, and 1 LCPR. The last of these ships was completed three months ahead of schedule.

Units in the Pacific:

Gilliam completed 1944-8-1 (Wilmington)
Appling completed 1944-8-22 (Wilmington)
Audrain completed 1944-9-2 (Wilmington)
Banner completed 1944-9-16 (Wilmington)
Barrow completed 1944-9-28 (Wilmington)
Bracken completed 1944-10-4 (Wilmington)
Berrien completed 1944-10-7 (Wilmington)
Bladen completed 1944-10-18 (Wilmington)
Briscoe completed 1944-10-29 (Wilmington)
Brule completed 1944-10-31 (Wilmington)
Burleson completed 1944-11-8 (Wilmington)
Butte completed 1944-11-22 (Wilmington)
Carlisle completed 1944-11-28 (Wilmington)
Catron completed 1944-11-28 (Wilmington)
Carteret completed 1944-12-2 (Wilmington)
Clarendon       completed 1944-12-14 (Wilmington)
Colusa completed 1944-12-20 (Wilmington)
Cleburne completed 1944-12-22 (Wilmington)
Cortland completed 1944-12-31 (Wilmington)
Crenshaw completed 1945-1-4 (Wilmington)
Crittenden completed 1945-1-17 (Wilmington)
Cullman completed 1945-1-24 (Wilmington)
Dawson completed 1945-2-4 (Wilmington)
Elkhart completed 1945-2-8 (Wilmington)
Fallon completed 1945-2-14 (Wilmington)
Fergus completed 1945-2-20 (Wilmington)
Fillmore completed 1945-2-25 (Wilmington)
Garrard completed 1945-3-3 (Wilmington)
completed 1945-3-11 (Wilmington)
Geneva completed 1945-3-21 (Wilmington)
completed 1945-3-29 (Wilmington)
Presidio completed 1945-4-9 (Wilmington)



Friedman (2002)

Lane (1951) (accessed 2012-4-19)

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