Attack Transports (APA)

Photograph of Gilliam-class attack transport

Naval Historical Center #NH 98709

Attack transports were equipped to carry landing craft and troops with which to carry out amphibious assaults. This required that they be ballasted to compensate for the increased top weight from landing craft and landing craft davits. Attack transports required a minimum cruising speed of 14 knots to keep up with fast invasion convoys, and they had more extensive communications equipment and antiaircraft armament than ordinary transports. Most were converted from modern merchant ships.

A typical APA carried about 1500 troops and 15-33 LCVPs and 2-4 LCMs with which to land them.  It took about a dozen APAs to land a division.

American attack transport classes

Arthur Middleton class

Bayfield class
Crescent City class
Doyen class
Frederick Funson class

Gilliam class

Harris class

Haskell class
Ormsby class
Sumter class
Windsor class


Dunnigan and Nofi (1998)

Friedman (2002)

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