San Pedro

Photograph of military funeral at San Pedro Naval Station

Naval History and Heritage Command #NH 105813

San Pedro (118.223W 33.759N) is the port of Los Angeles. The port is largely artificial, with only slight shelter from the Palos Verdes hills to the west. San Pedro Naval Shipyard and the Maritime Commission's Terminal Island shipyard were located here. The port of Long Beach is located adjacent to Terminal Island and can be regarded as part of the same port complex.

San Pedro was a major Navy refueling station, due to the proximity of the Wilmington oil field and refinery. The shipyard was run by Bethlehem Steel and was originally a repair station, but was upgraded for merchant ship construction and then for naval construction. However, the small size of the anchorage and the utter lack of protection from observation to seaward prevented Los Angeles from becoming an important naval base. At the time war broke out, tankers Tippecanoe and Platte, coastal minesweepers Plover, Courier, Firecrest, Road Runner, and Bateleur and tugboat Pinola were docked here.

The port became the Port of Embarkation for men and supplies to the China-Burma-India theater.

Production schedule, San Pedro

DD Boyd Completed 1943-5-8
AK Murzim Completed 1943-5-14
APA Doyen
Completed 1943-5-22 
DD Bradford Completed 1943-6-12 
APA Feland Completed 1943-6-21 
DD Brown Completed 1943-7-10 
AK Naos Completed 1943-8-17 
DD Cowell Completed 1943-8-23 
DE Roberts Completed 1943-9-2 
DD Hopewell Completed 1943-9-30 
DE Bangust Completed 1943-10-30 
DD Porterfield Completed 1943-10-30 
IX Armadillo
Completed 1943-11-18     
IX Beagle
Completed 1943-11-20     
IX Camel
Completed 1943-11-22     
IX Caribou
Completed 1943-11-25     
IX Elk
Completed 1943-11-26     
DD Callaghan Completed 1943-11-27 
IX Gazelle
Completed 1943-11-29     
DE Waterman Completed 1943-11-30 
IX Gemsbok
Completed 1943-12-3     
IX Giraffe
Completed 1943-12-12     
IX Ibex
Completed 1943-12-13     
IX Jaguar
Completed 1943-12-15     
DD Cassin Young Completed 1943-12-31 
DE Weaver Completed 1943-12-31 
AK Pavo Completed 1944-1-14 
DD Irwin Completed 1944-2-14
DE Bisbee Completed 1944-2-15 
DE Lamons Completed 1944-2-29 
DD Preston Completed 1944-3-30 
DE Kyne Completed 1944-4-4 
DE Snyder Completed 1944-5-5 
AH Comfort
Completed 1944-5-5 
DE Bright Completed 1944-6-30 
AH Mercy Completed 1944-8-7 
DE Tills Completed 1944-8-8 
DM Lindsey completed 1944-8-20 
DE McClelland Completed 1944-9-19 
DM Gwin completed 1944-9-20 
DM Aaron Ward
completed 1944-10-28 
DD Hugh W. Hadley      
Completed 1944-11-25 
APA Carlisle Completed 1944-11-28 
APA Colusa Completed 1944-12-20 
DD Willard Keith Completed 1944-12-27 
AV Norton Sound
Completed 1945-1-8 
DD James C. Owens Completed 1945-2-17 
AV Pine Island Completed 1945-4-26 

Terminal Island was run by California Shipbuilding Corporation and had eight ways in late 1941. It was sometimes known as Wilmington due to its proximity to that city.

Production schedule, Terminal Island

PF Coronado Completed 1943-6-17 
AK Bootes Completed 1943-7-15 
AK Lynx Completed 1943-7-26 
AK Sculptor Completed 1943-8-10 
PF Long Beach      
Completed 1943-9-8 
PF Glendale Completed 1943-10-1 
AK Caelum Completed 1943-10-22      
PF San Pedro Completed 1943-10-23      
AK Megrez Completed 1943-10-26 
AK Lesuth Completed 1943-11-1 
AK Livingston Completed 1943-11-10 
AK Kenmore Completed 1943-11-14 
AK Rotanin Completed 1943-11-23 
PF Belfast Completed 1943-11-24 
PF El Paso Completed 1943-12-1 
PF Van Buren
Completed 1943-12-17 
PF Orange Completed 1944-1-1 
AK Ara Completed 1944-1-4 
AK Ascella Completed 1944-1-7 
PF Eugene Completed 1944-1-15 
PF Corpus Christi Completed 1944-1-19 
PF Hutchinson Completed 1944-2-3 
PF Gallup Completed 1944-2-29 
PF Rockford Completed 1944-3-5 
PF Muskogee Completed 1944-3-16 
PF Carson City Completed 1944-3-24 
APA Gilliam Completed 1944-8-1 
AH Hope Completed 1944-8-15 
APA Appling Completed 1944-8-22 
APA Audrain Completed 1944-9-2 
APA Laurens Completed 1944-9-7 
APA Haskell Completed 1944-9-11 
APA Banner Completed 1944-9-16 
APA Barrow Completed 1944-9-28 
APA Hendry Completed 1944-9-29 
APA Bracken Completed 1944-10-4 
APA Highlands Completed 1944-10-5 
APA Berrien Completed 1944-10-7 
APA Hinsdale Completed 1944-10-15 
APA Bladen Completed 1944-10-18 
APA Hocking Completed 1944-10-22 
APA Briscoe Completed 1944-10-29 
APA Brule Completed 1944-10-31 
APA Kenton Completed 1944-11-1 
APA Kittson Completed 1944-11-5 
APA Burleson Completed 1944-11-8 
APA Lagrange Completed 1944-11-11 
APA St. Mary’s Completed 1944-11-15 
APA Allendale Completed 1944-11-22 
APA Butte Completed 1944-11-22 
APA Hyde Completed 1944-11-26 
APA Catron Completed 1944-11-28 
APA Marvin H. McIntyre      
Completed 1944-11-28 
APA Carteret Completed 1944-12-2 
APA Bandera Completed 1944-12-6 
APA Beckham Completed 1944-12-10 
APA Clarendon
Completed 1944-12-14 
APA Attala Completed 1944-12-15 
APA Bland Completed 1944-12-15 
APA Bosque Completed 1944-12-17 
APA Cleburne Completed 1944-12-22 
APA Bowie Completed 1944-12-23 
APA Braxton Completed 1944-12-29 
APA Cortland Completed 1944-12-31 
APA Broadwater Completed 1945-1-2 
APA Crenshaw Completed 1945-1-4 
APA Brookings Completed 1945-1-6 
APA Arenac Completed 1945-1-8 
APA Clearfield Completed 1945-1-12 
APA Crittenden Completed 1945-1-17 
APA Barnwell Completed 1945-1-19 
APA Buckingham Completed 1945-1-23 
APA Cullman Completed 1945-1-24 
APA Botetourt Completed 1945-1-31 
APA Dawson Completed 1945-2-4 
APA Colbert Completed 1945-2-7 
APA Elkhart Completed 1945-2-8 
APA Fallon Completed 1945-2-14 
APA Fergus Completed 1945-2-20 
APA Fillmore Completed 1945-2-25 
APA Collingsworth Completed 1945-2-27 
APA Garrard Completed 1945-3-3 
APA Gasconade
Completed 1945-3-11 
APA Geneva Completed 1945-3-21 
APA Niagara
Completed 1945-3-29 
APA Presidio Completed 1945-4-9 

In addition to these Navy auxiliaries, Terminal Island produced 292 Liberty ships, 20 Liberty tankers, and 101 Victory ships for the Maritime Commission.

Fort MacArthur (118.285W 33.718N) was manned by 3 Coastal Artillery Regiment, a Type B harbor defense unit. By late 1941, Fort MacArthur  had two modern 14" (356mm) rail guns, four obsolescent 14" guns, eight 12" (305mm) mortars, four 155mm guns, and four 3" (76mm) antiaircraft guns, all decommissioned by 1944 and replaced with two 16" (406mm) casemated guns, two 6" (152mm) guns, five 3" antiaircraft guns, and eight 90mm antiaircraft guns.

Photo Gallery

Victory Ships being fitted out at Wilmington



Rail connections


Pipeline connections

Los Angeles


California State Military Museum (accessed 2012-6-23) (accessed 2012-6-23)

Huston (1966)

Stanton (2006)

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