Cannon Class, U.S. Destroyer Escorts

Photograph of USS Cannon

National Archives #BuShips51462


Tonnage 1250 tons standard
Dimensions 308' by 36'8" by 11'8"
93.27m by 11.15m by 3.2m
Maximum speed       21 knots
Complement 186
Armament 3 3"/50 AA guns
3 21" torpedo tubes
2 40mm Bofors AA guns
8 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
1 Hedgehog
2 depth charge rails and 8 throwers
2-shaft General Moters diesel (6000 bhp)
Bunkerage 279 tons diesel oil
Range 11500 nautical miles (21,300 km) at 11 knots
QC sonar
All units were equipped with radar, either SA, SL, or SU.

The Cannons, completed in 1943-44, combined the long hulls of the Buckleys with the diesel machinery of the Evarts class. They had somewhat longer range than the Evarts, but rolled at least as badly, and were despised by their crews. The Navy apparently shared the crew's opinion, judging from the relatively small numbers produced.

None were lost in combat.

Units in the Pacific:

Acree arrived 1943-8
Parks arrived 1943-8
Levy arrived 1943-8-1
Osterhaus arrived 1943-8-28
McConnell arrived 1943-8-31
Baron arrived 1943-9
Roberts completed 1943-9-2 (San Pedro)
Bangust completed 1943-10-30 (San Pedro)
O'Neill arrived 1943-11-7
Waterman completed 1943-11-30 (San Pedro)
Weaver completed 1943-12-31 (San Pedro)
Samuel S. Miles       arrived 1944-1-7
Riddle arrived 1944-1-14
Wesson arrived 1944-1-16
Swearer arrived 1944-1-26
Hilbert completed 1944-2-4 (San Francisco) Friedman (2004)
Bisbee completed 1944-2-15 (San Pedro)
Lamons completed 1944-2-29 (San Pedro)
Kyne completed 1944-4-4 (San Pedro)
Snyder completed 1944-5-5 (San Pedro)
Hemminger completed 1944-5-30 (San Francisco)
Bright completed 1944-6-30 (San Pedro)
Tills completed 1944-8-8 (San Pedro)
McClelland completed 1944-9-19 (San Pedro)
Stern arrived 1944-10-30
Amick arrived 1945-5
Atherton arrived 1945-6
Booth arrived 1945-6
Cooner arrived 1945-6
Eldridge arrived 1945-6



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