Ichimaru Toshinosuke (1891-1945)

Photograph of Ichimaru Toshinosuke

U.S. Marine Corps. Via

Ichimaru Toshinosuke (Ichimaru Rinosuke) was a famous naval pilot who walked with a limp from an old injury sustained in a test flight in 1926. By 1944 he was a rear admiral and commander of 27 Air Flotilla at Iwo Jima. With all his aircraft destroyed by American carrier raids, he put his 2300 men under command of the Army commander, Kuribayashi. Ichimaru disagreed with Kuribayashi's strategy of defense in depth, feeling his troops should either defend the beaches or concentrate around the Minamiburaki airfield complex; but he eventually built 300 pillboxes. By the time of the invasion, his force numbered 7,000. He led a final attack by 60 men on 18 March 1945 but somehow survived. He was finally killed leaving his cave on 27 March 1945.

Ichimaru left behind a letter addressed to President Roosevelt seeking to justify the Japanese decision to go to war.

Service record

1891-9-20   born
Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 46th in a class of 118. Assigned to CL Adzuma
1914-8-11   BB Kongo
1914-10-24   BC Ikoma
1914-12-1 Ensign  
1915-5-26   CL Adzuma
1916-9-1   BB Kongo
1916-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
Gunnery School Basic Course
1917-6-1   Torpedo School Basic Course
1917-12-1   Air Course
1918-12-1   Yokosuka Air Group
1919-9-25   Fleet Air Group
1919-11-6   Yokosuka Air Group
1919-12-1 Lieutenant Instructor, Yokosuka Air Group
1920-6-3   Yokosuka Air Group
1920-7-26   Instructor, Yokosuka Air Group
1921-10-14   AR Kanto
1922-6-10   Yokosuka Air Group
1922-11-1   Instructor, Yokosuka Air Group
1923-12-1   Omura Air Group
1925-1-7   Kasumigaura Air Group
1925-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
1926-5-20   Kasumigaura Air Group
1927-12-1   Instructor, Kasumigaura Air Group
1928-1-10   Kasumigaura Air Group
1928-12-10   Instructor, Kasumigaura Air Group
1929-11-1   Yokosuka Air Group
1930-6-1   Instructor, Yokosuka Air Group
1931-12-1 Commander  
1933-11-1   Executive officer, Sasebo Air Group
1934-11-15   Staff, Carrier Division 1
1935-5-25   Executive officer, CV Kaga
1935-10-15   Chinkai Guard District
1936-10-1   Commander, Chinkai Air Group
1936-12-1 Captain  
1937-11-15   Commander, Yokohama Air Group
1938-12-15   1 Naval District
1939-4-1   Commander, Chichi Jima Air Group
1939-11-6   Commander, 13 Air Group
1940-11-15   Commander, Suzuka Air Group
1942-5-1 Rear admiral
1942-8-20   Staff, Southwest Area Fleet
1942-9-1   Commander, 21 Air Flotilla
1943-11-15   Commander, 13 Combined Air Group
1944-8-5   Staff, 3 Air Fleet
1944-8-10   Commander, 27 Air Flotilla
1945-3-17 Vice admiral
Killed in action


Fuller (1992)

Materials of IJN (accessed 2008-3-25)

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