Musashino (139.563E 35.705N) was the site of the Nakajima engine works, which produced 30% to 40% of all Japanese military aircraft engines during the Pacific War.

Photograph of Musashino plant damage

U.S. Air Force. Via

The plant was raided on 24 November 1944, during the first raid on the Tokyo area since the Doolittle Raid. Little damage was inflicted, with just 48 out of 240 bombs hitting the target area and inflicting negligible damage. A second raid, on 3 December, was little more effective, hitting the target with just 2.5 percent of its bombs. Another force of 72 B-29 Superfortresses bombed the plant on 9 January 1945, partly as a diversion from the Lingayen Gulf landings. A second diversionary raid (this time from the Iwo Jima landings) was carried out by carrier aircraft on 17 February 1945, which inflicted severe damage.

Rail connections




Francillon (1979)

Morison (1959)

Tillman (2010)

Wolk (2010)

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