Osage Class, Allied Landing Ships

Photograph of LSM unloading

National Archives. Via


Tonnage 4626 tons light
9040 tons fully loaded
Dimensions 458' by 60'2" by 20"
139.6m by 18.3m by 6.1m
Maximum speed       21 knots
Complement 458
Armament 2x1, 1x2 5"/38 DP gun
2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
20 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
2-shaft General Electric geared turbine (11,000 shp)
4 Combustion Engineering 2-drum boilers
1400 tons
60 3/4 ton weapons carriers or 108 jeeps or 27 DUKWs, plus 30,000 gallons gasoline plus 40,000 cubic feet cargo plus 880 passengers. An additional 1072 men could be carried in place of the vehicles.
One single 5" gun replaced by 2x2 40mm guns and the twin 5" gun mount by a single 5" gun.

The Osages, also designated as LSVs (Landing Ship Vehicle) or as assault transports, were originally laid down as net tenders, but new nets were much lighter than those they were designed for and the hulls were releaesd for other use. They were therefore converted to transports and then to landing ships on the ways. Specialized for carrying amphibious vehicles, each could carry 19 LVTs or 23 DUKWs in what had been the net stowage well.

The original design called for the ships to unload their vehicles by crane, but while the completed ships had one 12-ton and four 4-ton cranes, the final design included a small ramp in the rear. The design was not considered very successful, since the vehicle and cargo capacity were limited. The narrow vehicle decks prevented any rearrangement of the vehicles once embarked, and compartments to either side made moving vehicles onto the ramp difficult.

Numbers in the Pacific:

Arrived 1944-8-3
Arrived 1944-11-16


Arrived 1945-2-6

Arrived 1945-4-10



Friedman (2002) (accessed 2009-12-26)

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