British RAF Far East Command

Centered in Malaya, the RAF Far East Command had administrative responsibility for air forces in all British possessions east of India when war broke out.

Order of battle, 7 December 1941:

RAF Far East Command (Pulford; at Seletar)
  221 Group (Mingaladon)

  60 Squadron 

  10 Blenheim I (Mingaladon)
8 Blenheim I (Kuantan)

67 Squadron

17 F2A3 Buffalo

Norgroup  (at Kuala Lumpur)

21 Squadron (at Sungei Patani)

12 F2A3 Buffalo

27 Squadron (at Sungei Patani)

12 Blenheim IF

62 Squadron (at Alor Star)

18 Blenheim

36 Squadron (at Seletar))

5 Vildebeeste
7 Vildebeeste (at Gong Kedah)

1 Squadron (at Kota Baharu)

10 Hudson II

224 Group (at Seletar))

453 Squadron (at Sembawang)

18 F2A3 Buffalo

100 Squadron

6 Beafort
14 Vildebeeste

205 Squadron

5 PBY Catalina

8 Squadron (at Sembawang)

4 Hudson II
8 Hudson II (Kuantan)

34 Squadron (at Tenga)

17 Blenheim IV

243 Squadron (at Kallang)

15 F2A3 Buffalo
2 F2A3 Buffalo (Kota Baharu)

Hong Kong Station (at Kai Tak Field)

3 Vildebeeste
2 Walrus
13 DC-2


Bradley et al. (1992)

Willmott (1982) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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