County Class, Australian Heavy Cruisers

Photograph of County-class cruiser

Naval Historical Center #NH 52679


Tonnage 9,850 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 630' by 68'3" by 16'3"
192.07m by 20.8m by 4.95m
Maximum speed       31.5 knots
Complement 848
1 catapult
3 seaplanes
Armament 4x2 8"/50 guns
4 4"/45 dual-purpose guns
1x4 2pdr guns
2 0.50 machine guns
2x4 torpedo tubes
Protection 4.5" (114 mm) on 1" (25mm) belt (machinery)
1" (25mm) bulkheads (machinery)
1.4" (38mm) armor deck
4" (102mm) box (magazines)
3" (76mm) armor deck (magazines)
1.4" (38mm) armor deck (steering)
1" (25mm) turret
1" (25mm) barbettes
4-shaft Brown-Curtis geared turbine (80,000 shp)
8 Admiralty 3-drum boilers
Bunkerage 3300 tons fuel oil
Range 9500 nautical miles (17,500km) at 12 knots
Type 286 radar
Canberra differed from Australia in having the 4" battery increased to 8 guns and 2x8 2pdr guns added.

1942-10: Australia's torpedo tubes and the quad 2pdr replaced with 2x8 2pdr.

late 1943: machine guns replaced with 7 20mm Oerlikon AA guns. Radar upgraded to Type 273, Type 281.

1945-2: One 8" turret removed. 2x8 2pdr, 2x4, 2x2, 2x1 40mm Bofors added and radar upgraded with Type 284 and Type 285.

The County-class Australian cruisers were build in British yards in 1928 and originally were very close twins to the Kents, sharing their strengths and weaknesses. They were later modified by the addition of scouting aircraft and a much heavier armor belt over their machinery spaces.

Units in the Pacific:



Withdrawn 1945-2 following kamikaze damage for refit in Britain and not returned before the surrender
Crippled by gunfire and torpedoes and scuttled 1942-8-9 off Guadalcanal


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