Diver Class, U.S. Rescue And Salvage Ships

Photograph of Diver-class rescue and salvage ship

U.S. Navy

Schematic diagram of Diver class rescue and salvage ship

ONI 222


Tonnage 1630 tons standard
Dimensions 213'6" by 39' by 14'3"
65.07m by 11.89m by 4.34m
Maximum speed       15 knots
Complement 120
Armament 2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
4 0.50 machine guns
2-shaft Cooper Bessemer GSR-8 diesel-electric (3000 shp)
300 tons diesel
2560 gallons gasoline

The Divers were rescue and salvage ships completed in 1943-1945. They were constructed in yacht yards to avoid competition with other construction in regular shipyards.

Units in the Pacific:

Clamp completed 1943-8-23 (Napa)
Gear completed 1943-9-24 (Napa)
Snatch completed 1943-12-11-44 (Napa)
Grapple completed 1943-12-16 (Napa)
Protector completed 1943-12-28 (Stockton)
completed 1944-1-11 (Napa)
Shackle completed 1944-2-5 (Napa)
Valve completed 1944-2-24 (Bellingham)
Vent completed 1944-4-7 (Bellingham)
Cable completed 1944-5-6 (Napa)
Current completed 1944-6-14 (Napa)
Deliver completed 1944-7-18 (Napa)
Grasp completed 1944-8-22 (Napa)
Safeguard       completed 1944-9-30 (Vallejo)
Seize completed 1944-11-3 (Vallejo)
Curb arrived 1945-3-21


DANFS (accessed 2009-1-18)

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