John C. Butler Class, U.S. Destroyer Escorts

Photograph of USS John C. Butler

National Archives #80G382869. Via



1430 tons standard displacement


306' by 36'8" by 11'2"
93.27m by 11.28m by 3.4m

Maximum speed      

23 knots




2x1 5"/38 dual-purpose guns
1x3 21" torpedo tubes
2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
10 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
2 depth charge rails
8 depth charge throwers
2-shaft Westinghouse turbine (12,000 shp)
2 boilers


347 tons fuel oil
QC sonar
All commissioned with radar of various types


6000 nautical miles (11,000 km) at 12 knots

The John C. Butlers, completed in 1943-45, were probably the best-armed and most rugged of the destroyer escorts, with some measure of machinery dispersal. They closely resembled the Rudderows except for their use of geared turbine machinery in place of turboelectric drive.

Photo Gallery

Profile of John C. Butler class

U.S. Navy

Over view of John C. Butler class

U.S. Navy

Bow view of John C. Butler class

U.S. Navy

Units in the Pacific:

Formoe arrived late arrived 1944


arrived 1944-5

Sunk by I-45 1944-10-28 off Leyte
Richard M. Rowell arrived 1944-5-14
Richard S. Bull arrived 1944-5-14
Rombach arrived 1944-6
Corbesier arrived 1944-6
Dennis arrived 1944-6
Edmonds arrived 1944-6
O'Flaherty arrived 1944-6
John C. Butler arrived 1944-6-12
Jack Miller arrived 1944-6-20
LeRay Wilson arrived 1944-6-22
Straus arrived 1944-6-26
Johnnie Hutchins arrived 1944-7
Pratt arrived 1944-7
Rolf arrived 1944-7
Walton arrived 1944-7
Woodson arrived 1944-7
Shelton arrived 1944-7-1 Sunk by RO-41 1944-10-3 off Morotai
Stafford arrived 1944-7-3
La Prade arrived 1944-7-4
Raymond arrived 1944-7-8
McCoy Reynolds arrived 1944-7-16
arrived 1944-7-15

Richard W. Suesens       arrived 1944-7-23
Oberrender arrived 1944-7-25 Crippled by kamikazes 1945-5-9 off Okinawa; not repaired
Samuel B. Roberts arrived 1944-7-27 Sunk by gunfire 1944-10-25 off Samar
Melvin R. Nawman arrived 1944-7-29
Lawrence Taylor arrived 1944-8-14
Gilligan arrived 1944-8-15
William Seiverling arrived 1944-8-16
Tabberer arrived 1944-8-23
Howard F. Clark arrived 1944-8-25
Abercrombie <arrived 1944-8-29
Oliver Mitchell arrived 1944-9-7
Robert F. Keller arrived 1944-9-7
Kendall C. Campbell arrived 1944-9-9
Alvin C. Cockrell arrived 1944-10
Ulvert M. Moore arrived 1944-10-14
Kenneth M. Willett arrived 1944-10-28
Lloyd E. Acree arrived 1944-10-28
Mack arrived 1944-10-28
Chester T. O'Brien arrived 1944-11
Doyle C. Barnes arrived 1944-11
Edwin A. Howard arrived 1944-11
Haas arrived 1944-11
McGinty arrived 1944-11
Silverstein arrived 1944-11-1
Goss arrived 1944-11-7
arrived 1944-11-12

Jesse Rutherford arrived 1944-11-17
Key arrived 1944-11-17
Robert Brazier arrived 1944-11-17
Grady arrived 1944-11-24
Leland E. Thomas arrived 1944-11-24      
Douglas A. Munro arrived 1944-12
Dufilho arrived 1944-12
French arrived 1945-3
Thaddeus Parker arrived 1945-1-7
John L. Williamson arrived 1945-1-10
Gentry arrived 1945-1-20
Naifeh arrived 1945-1-20
Maurice J. Manuel arrived 1945-1-23
Presley arrived 1945-1-24
Albert T. Harris arrived 1945-2
Cecil J. Doyle arrived 1945-2
Charles E. Brannon arrived 1945-2
Williams arrived 1945-2-7
Cross arrived 1945-4
Joseph E. Connolly arrived 1945-5-17



Friedman (2004)

Whitley (1988)

Worth (2001)

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