Mizuho, Japanese Seaplane Carrier

Photograph of Japanese seaplane carrier Mizuho

Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 10,929 tons standard
Dimensions 577'6" by 61'8" by 19'
176.0m by 18.8m by 5.9m
Maximum speed       22 knots
Complement 689
Aircraft 4 catapults
12 seaplanes
12 Type 'A' midget submarines
Armament 3x2 5"/40 dual-purpose guns
18 25mm/60 machine guns
2-shaft 4-cylinder diesel (15,200 shp)
Bunkerage 3600 tons diesel oil
Range 8000 nautical miles (15,000km) at 16 knots

The Mizuho, completed in 1939, was a cheaper and much less satisfactory follow-on to the preceding Chitoses. She was neither fast nor well-built. Like the Chitoses, she was designed for fast conversion to an aircraft carrier, but she was lost before these plans could be carried out.

At the commencement of hostilities, Mizuho was with Fourth Surprise Attack Force (Kubo), sailing from Magong for Aparri. She was torpedoed on 1 May 1942 by Drum off Honshu.


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