Shiraishi Kazutaka

Shiraishi Kazutaka began the war as a rear admiral and chief of staff of 2 Fleet. He was a vice admiral in command of Cruiser Division 7 at the battle of Leyte Gulf.

Service record

1914-12-19 Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 21st in a class of 117. Assigned to CL Aso
1915-8-27   CL Yahagi
1915-12-13 Ensign  
1916-12-1   BB Aki
1917-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
Torpedo School Basic Course
1918-5-20   Gunnery School Basic Course
1918-12-1   DD Maki
1919-9-25   CL Yakumo
1920-5-7   BB Hyuga
1920-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1921-12-1   DD Susuki
1923-6-1   Staff, Training Fleet
1924-4-10   Yokosuka Air Group
1924-11-10   CL Tenryu
1925-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
Naval College A-Course
1927-12-1   Staff, Naval Shipbuilding Command
1928-12-10   Staff, Burea of Naval Affairs, Navy Ministry
1930-12-1   Commander, DD Hatakaze
1931-11-14   Staff, Destroyer Squadron 1
1931-12-1 Commander  
1933-11-15   Staff, Manchuria Expeditionary Force
1935-5-6   Navy General Staff
1935-10-7   Staff, Combined Fleet
1935-10-21   Instructor, Naval College
1935-11-15 Captain  
1938-1-2   Staff, 4 Fleet
1938-10-10   Navy General Staff
1938-12-16   Chief, S1, Administrative Office, Asian Development Agency
1939-11-15   Commander, CA Furutaka
1940-10-19   Commander, BB Kirishima
1941-8-15   Staff, 2 Fleet
1941-8-30   Chief of staff, 2 Fleet
1941-10-15 Rear admiral
1943-7-2   Navy General Staff
1943-8-9   Chief, Bureau of Research, Naval College
1944-3-6   Staff, 2 Fleet
1944-3-25   Commander, Cruiser Division 7
1944-10-15 Vice admiral
1944-12-15   Dir, Bureau of Seamen, Sealift Agency, Department of Transport and Communication
1945-5-2   Joint General Staff, Navy Section
1961-11-16   Dies


Fuller (1992)

Materials of IJN (accessed 2008-7-2)

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