Momi Class, Japanese Destroyers

Photograph of Momi-class destroyer
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Tonnage 850 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 279'11" by 32'1" by 7'11"
85.32m by 9.78m by 2.41m
Maximum speed       36 knots
Complement 110
Armament 3 4.7"/45 dual-purpose guns
2 light machine guns
4 21" torpedo tubes
2-shaft geared turbines (21,500 shp)
3 Kampon boilers
Bunkerage 275 tons fuel oil
Range 3000 nautical miles (5600km) at 15 knots

Those converted to patrol boats were armed with 2 4.7" guns, 6 25mm/60 AA guns, and 60 depth charges. Their displacement was increased to 935 tons and their speed reduced to 18 knots. PB-32 to BP-39 had their sterns rebuilt to launch a Daihatsu landing craft.

1942-1943: PB-31 was armed with 2 4.7" guns, 8 25mm AA guns, and 60 depth charges. PB-34 to PB-36, PB-38, and PB-39 were armed with 2 4.7" guns, 6 25mm AA guns, and a Daihatsu landing craft.

The Momis were completed in 1919-22, mostly in Navy yards. They were ugly but seaworthy ships, with unusual placement for some of their weapons that reduced firing arcs but increased protection from bow waves. Many were converted to other uses by the time the war started; some as tenders and several as patrol boats. Most of the latter were equipped with Daihatsu landing craft to operate as fast transports, where the high bows provided some slight protection from incoming fire during landing operations.

Units in the Pacific:

As destroyers:







Sunk by aircraft 1945-1-15 at Magong

As patrol boats:

PB-31 Takao       Former Kiku. Sunk by aircraft 1944-3-30 at Palau.
PB-32 With Wake Invasion Force       Former Aoi. Sunk by shore batteries 1941-12-23 at Wake.
PB-33 With Wake Invasion Force       Former Hagi. Sunk by shore batteries 1941-12-23 at Wake.
PB-34 Takao       Former Susuki. Sunk by aircraft 1944-7-3 at Truk.
PB-35 Takao       Former Tsuta. Sunk by aircraft 1943-9-2 off Lae.
PB-36       Takao       Former Fuji
PB-37 Takao       Crippled by torpedoes and gunfire 1942-1-24 at Balikpapan
PB-38 Takao       Torpedoed 1944-11-25 by Atule off Luzon
PB-39 Takao       Torpedoed 1943-4-23 by Seawolf off Formosa

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