Takahashi Ibo (1888-1947)

Photograph of Takahashi Ibo


Takahashi Ibo was a militant officer who supported the decision to switch overall command of the Navy from the Navy Ministry to the Navy General Staff in 1933. He had served as commander of Combined Fleet and was a strong supporter of the decision to "Strike South" (the Centrifugal Offensive.) He seems to have been about to retire in 1940, only to be recalled to active service and command of 3 Fleet at the outbreak of war. He directed amphibious operations against the Philippines and Netherlands East Indies and was the victor in the Battle of the Java Sea.

Takahashi played the American side in the war games of 2 September 1941. In this rehearsal for war, Takahashi's "American" forces discovered Nagumo's Pearl Harbor Attack Force and sank two of its carriers. This did nothing to deter Yamamoto from carrying out the attack anyway.

He was arrested by the Americans following the surrender as a suspected war criminal, on 2 December 1945.

Service record

1888-4-20   Born
Graduates from the Naval Academy, standing 10th in a class of 191. Assigned to CL Soya
1909-8-2   CL Suma
1910-1-15 Ensign  
1910-5-5   CL Asama
1911-4-20   Gunnery School Basic Course
1911-8-4   Torpedo School Basic Course
1911-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade     
1911-12-20   DD Nenohi
1912-12-1   BB Shikishima
1913-12-1   Navy College B Course
1914-5-27   Gunnery School Advanced Course
1914-12-1 Lieutenant CL Tone
1916-1-10   BB Fuso
1916-12-1   Adjutant, 1 Naval District
1917-12-1   Naval College A Course
1919-12-1   Staff, Destroyer Squadron 2
1920-8-12   BB Iwami
1920-12-1 Lieutenant commander

1921-7-1   Staff, Naval Shipbuilding Command (B1)
1923-8-13   Trip to England
1924-12-1 Commander  
1926-2-20   Executive officer, CL Tama
1926-12-1   Staff, Naval Shipbuilding Command (S1, B-Adm)
1929-6-20   1 Naval District
1929-8-20   Commander, CL Tenryu
1929-11-12   Attendant to Plenipotentiary, London Naval Disarmament Conference
1929-11-30 Captain  
1930-12-1   Adjutant, Department of Navigation
1932-12-1   Commander, CA Atago
1933-11-15   Commander, BB Kirishima
1934-11-15   Navy General Staff
1935-3-1   Chief of staff, 3 Naval District
1935-11-15 Rear admiral
Chief, N2, Navy General Staff
1937-11-15   Chief of staff, Combined Fleet
1939-11-15 Vice admiral
Commander, Mako Guard District
1941-4-10   Commander, 3 Fleet
1942-3-10   Commander, 2 Southern Expeditionary Fleet
1942-11-10   Commander, 2 Naval District
1943-6-21   Navy General Staff

Arrested as war criminal
1947-3-18   Dies


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