Tsugaru, Japanese Minelayer

Photograph of Japanese minelayer Tsugaru

Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 4400 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 408'6" by 51'3" by 16'2"
124.51m by 15.62m by 4.93m
Maximum speed       20 knots
1 catapult
1 seaplane
Armament 2x2 5"/40 dual-purpose guns
2x2 25mm/60 AA guns
600 mines
1 Type 94 depth charge thrower
6 depth charge rails
2-shaft geared turbine
4 Kampon boilers

The Tsugaru was essentially an improved Okinoshima. Two other units were planned but never ordered.

Tsugaru was with the Guam Invasion Force when war broke out. She was torpedoed on 19 June 1944 off Morotai by Darter.

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