Sangamon Class, U.S. Escort Carriers

Photograph of Sangamon class escort carrier

U.S. Navy

Schematic diagram of Sangamon class escort carrier

ONI 222


Tonnage 11,412 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 553' by 75' by 32'
168.6m by 22.9m by 9.8m
Maximum speed       19.3 knots
Complement 1080
Aircraft 502' (153m)  flight deck
1 catapult
2 elevators
25 aircraft
Armament 2 5"/38 dual-purpose guns
4x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
12 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
2-shaft Allis-Chalmers geared turbine (13,500 shp)
4 Babcock and Wilcox boilers
Bunkerage 12,876 tons fuel oil
135,000 gallons (510,000 liters) aviation gasoline
Range 23,900 nautical miles (44,300 km) at 15 knots
Cargo 676.5 tons munitions
SC search radar
1944: Second catapult installed.
1945: Armament typically 10x2, 2x4 40mm and 27 20mm guns. Radar upgraded to SC-2 or SK

The Sangamons were completed in 1942 and were converted Maritime Commission T3-S2-A1 oilers, the supply of convertible C3 hulls having already been exhausted with the Bogues.  The Sangamons were also tough ships, with very great hull strength. Their hangars were actually more capacious than those of the Independence-class light fleet carriers, and they were the only escort carriers with decks long enough to permit the operation of F6F Hellcat fighters. The open hangar design, characteristic of all U.S. carriers, also allowed these ships to continue to function as oilers when necessary. They thus had a remarkable range and the ability to refuel their own task groups. They had bulkheads around their magazines that provided some splinter protection.

Units in the Pacific:


Arrived 1942-12-12

Chenango Arrived 1942-12-25
Sangamon       Arrived 1943-1
Santee Arrived 1943-2-18


Chesneau (1992)


Friedman (1983)

Morison (1951)

Worth (2001)

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