Japanese 11 Air Fleet

11 Air Fleet included most of the first-line land-based aircraft of the Japanese Navy. These were committed against the Philippines and Malaya at the start of the Pacific War. It was the long-range bombers of the Mihoro, Genzan, and Kanoya Air Groups that destroyed Force Z.

These impressive successes concealed a fundamental weakness: The Japanese Navy had so few reserves of trained pilots that 11 Air Fleet had significant numbers of incompletely trained aircrew on its rosters when it went to war. This came about in part because 11 Air Fleet was drawn on heavily for cadre for the new Shokakus.

Administrative structure, 7 December 1941:

11 Air Fleet (Tsukahara; at Takao)
  AVP Kamogisan Maru (10,000 tons)

AVP Keiyo Maru (9392 tons, 13.5 knots)

AVP Lyons Maru (7018 tons, 12 knots)

AP Amagisan Maru (7620 tons, 16 knots)

AP Tashushin Maru (10,000 tons)

AP Nikkoku Maru (2728 tons)

AOG Hino Maru #5 (2935 tons)

AOG? Nana Maru (9800 tons, 16 knots)

Destroyer Division 34

  DD Akikaze (at Takao)

DD Hakaze (at Cap St. Jaques)

DD Tachikaze (at Takao)

21 Air Flotilla (Tada; at Tainan)

AVP Katsuragi Maru (8033 tons, 15 knots)      

1 Air Group (at Tainan)

  48 G3M Nell

Toko Air Group (at Tainan)

6 H6K Mavis (at Takao)

18 6K Mavis (at Palau)

13 A5M Claude (at Peleliu?)

Kanoya Air Group (at Taichu)

36 G4M Betty

1001 Air Group (at Chiai) Ordered to cooperate with 16 Army

28 L3Y Tina

1 Yokosuka SNLF (520 paratroops)

3 Yokosuka SNLF (849 paratroops)

22 Air Flotilla (Matsunaga; at Saigon)

AVP Fujikawa Maru (6938 tons)

Mihoro Air Group (at Dau Mot)

48 G3M Nell

Genzan Air Group (at Saigon)

48 G3M Nell

Kanoya Air Group (at Saigon)

36 G4M Betty

Yamada Unit (at Soc Trang)

25 A6M Zero

11 A5M Claude

6 C5M Babs

23 Air Flotilla (Takenaka; at Takao)

AVP Komaki Maru (8525 tons, 16.5 knots)

3 Air Group (at Takao)

53 A6M Zero

7 A5M Claude

9 C5M Babs

Tainan Air Group (at Tainan)

54 A6M Zero

6 A5M Claude

8 C5M Babs

Takao Air Group (at Takao)

72 G4M Betty

2 LO Thelma


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Peattie (2001)

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