Asashio Class, Japanese Destroyers

Photograph of Asashio-class destroyer

U.S. Navy. Via Wikipedia Commons

Schematic of Asashio-class

ONI 41-42


Tonnage 1961 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 388' by 34' by 12'1"
118.3m by 10.4m by 3.7m
Maximum speed       35 knots
Complement 200
Armament 3x2 4.7"/45 dual-purpose guns
2x2 25mm machine guns
2x4 Long Lance torpedo tubes
16 depth charges
2-shaft Kampon geared turbines (50,000 shp)
3 Kampon boilers
Bunkerage 500 tons fuel oil
Range 5700 nautical miles (9200 km) at 10 knots
1943-1944: 1 4.7" mount removed to increase the light antiaircraft battery to 3x3, 3x2 25mm guns.

1944-6: Light antiarcraft increased to 4x3, 3x2, 14x1 25mm guns and 4x1 13mm/76 machine guns. Reload torpedoes removed. Four depth charge throwers added and depth charge loadout increased to 36 depth charges. The displacement increased to 2635 tons, which reduced maximum speed to just 29 knots.

The Asashios were completed in 1937-39. They were loosely based on the Shiratsuyu class. As the first post-treaty Japanese destroyers, they predictably did not lack for firepower or strength. However, they had persistent engine and steering bugs. The rudder design was inefficient, yielding poor maneuverability, whicih was remedied in 1941 by altering the stern shape. The turbines pushed the limits of Japanese technology and were prone to blade stripping, and the root cause of this defect was not identified and corrected until 1943. Their cruising range was also unusually poor.

Units in the Pacific:

Arare with Second Supply Force Torpedoed 1942-7-5 off Kiska by Growler
Arashio with Kondo's Distant Cover Force Sunk by aircraft 1943-3-4 in the Bismarck Sea
Asagumo with Nishimura's Second Surprise Attack Force Sunk by gunfire and torpedoes 1944-10-25 at Surigao Strait
Asashio with Kondo's Distant Cover Force Sunk by aircraft 1943-3-3 in the Bismarck Sea
Kasumi with First Supply Force Sunk by aircraft 1945-4-7 while accompanying Yamato to Okinawa
Michishio with Kondo's Distant Cover Force Torpedoed 1944-10-25 at Surigao Strait
Minegumo with Nishimura's Second Surprise Attack Force       Sunk by gunfire 1943-3-5 at Kula Gulf
Natsugumo       with Nishimura's Second Surprise Attack Force Sunk by aircraft 1942-10-12 off Savo Island
Oshio with Kondo's Distant Cover Force Torpedoed 1943-2-10 off Manus Island by Albacore
Yamagumo with Hirose' Third Surprise Attack Force Torpedoed 1944-10-25 at Surigao Strait

Photo Gallery

Asashio profile view

Wikimedia Commons

ONI 41-42 page for Asashio

ONI 41-242

ONI 41-42 pagte on Asashio

ONI 41-42

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