Sagara Maru Class, Japanese Seaplane Carriers

Photograph of Sagara Maru

Wikimedia Commons


Tonnage 9400 deadweight tons
Dimensions 508'6" by 62'5" by 27'10"
154.99m by 19.02m by 8.48m
Maximum speed       18 knots
Aircraft 2 56' (17m) catapults
12 seaplanes
2 5.9" guns
2 13mm/76 machine guns
2-shaft Mitsubishi-Sulzer diesel (16,000 shp)

The Sagara Marus were cargo liners built by Mitsubishi in 1939 for the Nippon Yusen (Japanese Mailboat) line. They were converted to seaplane carriers just prior to the outbreak of war. Their air groups typicall consisted of eight E8N "Daves" and four E13A1 "Jakes".

Units in the Pacific:

Sagara Maru      

Singora Attack Force

Rerated as transport 1942-12-1; sunk 1943-6-23 by Harder

Sanuki Maru

At Magong with Third Surprise Attack Force (Hirose)      

Rerated as transport 1942-12-1; sunk 1945-1-28 by Spadefish off Shanghai
Sanyo Maru Singora Attack Force Converted to transport 1943-7; sunk 1944-5-26 by Cabrilla off Menado

References (accessed 2007-11-8)

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